A community that prides itself on eco-groovy lifestyles and recycled fashion, Arcata is unapologetically a thrift store town. While visitors can easily pass an afternoon shopping on the Plaza, venture off the beaten track to find these thrifty hot spots. By purchasing twice-loved mementos, you’ll return home with more dollars in your pocket and a new-to-you sequined top, redwood picture frame or hula-hoop.

Vintage Avenger
A inbow of leather jackets, vintage boots, beaded belts, and kimonos fill the ground floor of beautiful Victorian at 1101 H Street, where Vintage Avenger is open daily. With the selection curated by artist and owner Nancy Tobin, the shop is eye candy for vintage fashion lovers. Festivalgoers can find everyday basics like metallic leggings and leather fanny packs, while those who appreciate the classics will love the selection of Pendleton flannels and straw hats.

The Clothing Dock
In desperate need for a turquoise wig or a pair of galoshes? Head straight to the Clothing Dock at 1109 11th Street. Carrying racks (and racks!) of both resale and new clothing, jewelry, and shoes, the Clothing Dock prides itself on a colorful selection. Inside the large store stacks of Levi’s cozy up next wool cloaks, mermaid leggings, and neon sunnies. Each October, the shop becomes Arcata’s “one-stop costume store” and can also be counted on for styling your Ugly Sweater Party each December.

SCRAP Humbold
A store created around the mutual concepts of re-use and creativity, SCRAP Humboldt stocks everyday office supplies, tools for arts and crafts, and a dizzying array of other life necessities you’d never think to buy used. Crafty volunteers who believe in the non-profit organization’s mission to “inspire environmentally responsible behavior” staff the shop, open Monday-Saturday at 101 H Street. In addition to offering steep discounts on colored pencils and yarn, SCRAP hosts workshops ranging from “Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine” to “Build and Beer.” Stop by for a one-of-kind experience and feel good about spending pennies to reduce landfill waste and support local craftiness!