Arcata Playhouse
– located in the Creamery District, they offer live performance shows and workshops to the public.

Arcata Theatre Lounge – built in 1937, the ATL (900 capacity) hosts big name music acts as well as classic and local film nights.

Center Arts – Humboldt State University’s largest concert hall (862 capacity) hosts world class performers; advanced tickets are advised. 

Hum Brews – adjacent to the restaurant is this popular music venue (375 capacity).

Minor Theatresince 1914, the Minor plays Hollywood, foreign and artsy films. Enjoy locally sourced food and drink, spacious seating and top-of-the-line projectors and audio.

Mini-Plex Richard’s Goata locally owned single-screen theatre dedicated to showing the latest diverse, award-winning independent films and documentaries.

Sanctuary – provides supplies and space to explore and experience creativity whether by practicing a trade or enjoying a live show.

The Jam – located on the plaza and hosting regularly scheduled house, reggae and hip hop dj parties with occasional booked concerts.