Outdoor Dining Guidance

These documents provide guidance for conducting outdoor dining and outdoor displays of retail goods. This guidance will remain in place until the Shelter-in-Place Order is lifted to allow unrestricted dining and retail operations, or until the City revokes these interim provisions.

Downtown Guide (PDF) | North Town Guide (PDF)

Business Resilience Emergency Loan Program

Rapid Relief for Business

Fast Approvals for Businesses Facing Revenue Loss During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Up to $10,000

Bridge Funding while you apply for other financing

Payments Deferred for 6 Months

Longer Term Financing up to five years when federally backed financing is not available

2.5% Rate

No Prepayment Penalty

For payroll, critical accounts payable, rent or mortgage payments, utilities, etc.

Application Needs

Make appointment to speak with an adviser from the SBDC (Small Business Development Center) *

Certify gross revenue decline of at least 25% due to COVID-19

Describe how the loan will help

Self-certify you have checked with your bank about available financing

Provide additional information requested on the application

* appointment may be completed after funding


How to Apply

Complete the application and gather information on the checklist.

Email your application and information to Susan Diehl McCarthy at sdiehlmccarthy@cityofarcata.org.

Your application is checked then forwarded the AEDC for processing and funding.

The City of Arcata may have other financing and grant options.  Contact Susan at the email address above for more information.

Help from the SBDC in Coping with COVID-19

Contact the SBDC to find important resources for employers, employees, and specific industries.  They are also your source for information about available financial help, including:

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Provides a $10,000 rapid advance, which may not need to be repaid

CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program

Funding to cover payroll and some operating expenses, like mortgage interest, rent & utilities.  All or part may be forgiven if employees are kept on payroll.

SBDC website