Barnes Arcata Family Drug

1080 G Street, Arcata, CA 95521
This family owned store has been in business for over 60 years and is known for fast and friendly service. Please come in and check out the variety of gifts, toys and jewelry.

(707) 822-1717



Store open 9 am-9 pm, 7 days
Pharmacy open 9 am-8 pm Mon.-Fri., 10 am-5 pm Sun. (closed Saturdays)
Delivery: See CVS App or web site for delivery details.
Special phone number for COVID-19 questions: (888) 300-4419.
Covid-19 Safety: Mask required at all times, no exceptions. Distancing, hand sanitization, limited number allowed in store.

(707) 822-2479
600 F St., Arcata CA 95521 in the Union Town Shopping Center